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Have you ever wondered if maybe you should get your brain tuned up? I am serious. You know, get the fix to why your thoughts are not quite working for you, are all jumbled up and you feel confused about the important subjects in life? OR maybe, to get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had?

You most certainly should connect with Shannon Staples. Shannon is one of those magical people who can take all that chatter going on inside your head, sort it, make sense of it and also show you what it is trying to teach you – yes, most times there is a lesson to be learned. She knows how to address the important things in life in a truly comfortable and relaxed way and is masterful at her craft. Working with Shannon is like having tea with a dear friend. When you are done, you are grateful, feel focused and sure, and are most certainly, looking forward to your next visit.

I highly recommend Shannon as the perfect choice for your Life Coach.
Posted By: Dianne Campbell
Shannon helped me conquer my mindset. I had anxiety, was afraid to take action on what I wanted. After her coaching I am now able to set out what I want to do, and accomplish it. I am moving ahead every day. Thank you Shannon!
Posted By: Krista Simurdak
I had a bunch of life stuff showing up and I felt like I knew it had SOMETHING to do with me and how I am out in the world, but I didn't know what to do with it, so I tried putting it that hole marked "life s@*t that I don't know what to do with" but it was full. Hate when that happens. Then some Light peeked in. Her name is Shannon Staples. She very firmly, yet lovingly, handed me a shovel and she said, "dig" and we did. She stayed with me digging and digging until I began to see Light. I so appreciate her staying with me. She really wanted me to get there. I felt it. and then - OH. There it is. EW. That's me? UGH! It would have been so much easier for both of us to stuff it into that hole. But after following up today, I really feel lighter and centered. I also feel like I "get coaching" She patiently waited for me to SEE. Beautiful. Shannon, you are truly Gifted and your Light is so Bright. And now I feel better about digging. What's on the other side is so worth it. Anyone who is skeptical about coaching or has fear of the process, dig. And keep digging all the way down to the good stuff. And if you are looking for a good Digger Coach, Shannon is pretty amazing.
Posted By: Bernadette Giorgi
Amazing session :) We got to the issues and made astounding progress already. I have tools to use and look forward to using them and growing before our next session!
Posted By: Susan B
I'm deeply grateful for the remarkable emotional clearing and healing I've experienced while working with Shannon. Over many years, I've spent countless hours, not to mention dollars, on traditional counselling to address several long-standing issues, but none have cleared as easily or permanently as they have with her methods. One issue in particular had troubled me seriously and repeatedly for years, yet in two phone sessions with Shannon, it simply melted away - effortlessly and painlessly. I appreciate her warmth, attentiveness and wide range of knowledge, but most of all, that she "walks the walk." Who could ask for more?!
Posted By: Lee Wright
Wonderful Spirit and a wonderful Coach who will take you on the journey of finding you :)
Posted By: Simone Isser
I felt totally comfortable in having Shannon coach me. The coaching session was awesome! I worked on my fear of change. Shannon asked powerful questions about my thoughts on change. She asked me if I was willing to do energy work, and I said, "absolutely." After the energy healing work I felt my "fear of change" disappear. Absolutely amazing! We ended the coaching session with EFT. I feel I am more able to handle change in a more positive way since having a coaching session. Shannon you are awesome!
Posted By: Ellen Goldfarb
Thank you Shannon Staples for wonderful coaching program you delivered to our group. I gained insights into the issues covered. I loved the way you talked about money and its energy - it helped me look at it again from a different perspective. Shannon has coached me before through issues in my marriage and then we worked together on the emotional blocks in my body and released trapped energy. I highly recommend her services as she's very intuitive and thorough. You will get to the bottom of the roots of your issues and can start all fresh. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Posted By: Hanna Hashim
I had the pleasure of being in a group coaching program run and organized by Shannon. She was phenomenal from the get go as a leader ensuring that topics were appropriate (and that we stayed on topic), the flow of conversation continued and the individual participation was equally shared. We all learned so much from being in this group and it was a truly great experience. I highly recommend Shannon for any consideration be it individual coaching, group coaching and short or long term. You will be glad you engaged her services!
Posted By: D. Campbell
I Can't Believe My NEW Comfort Zone!!

For years I struggled with anxiety issues. No matter what therapy or technique I tried I was always left with lingering feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt... for most of my adult life I have felt like a spectator.

After just a few fun sessions with Shannon Staples, I noticed a shift in my perception. Suddenly I found myself communicating more directly in my relationships, accepting new challenges and creating connections with people in ways I never would have imagined! I am AH-mazed that seemingly mountainous blocks have evaporated and thrilled beyond belief at newfound possibilities!! Thank you so much, Shannon! :)
Posted By: Charlene Davies

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