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Overwhelm is a state of mind and emotion that can absolutely be soothed into well-being. As a Highly Sensitive Person, I am acutely familiar with overwhelm. I have spent a lifetime trying to fit into this crazy, high-pressure world, to feel productive, accomplished and confident. Instead, I learned that fitting in was never the goal. The goal is peace and ease.

For many people, the frenetic energy of the world is overwhelming and we can easily get caught up in the drive to be more, do more, have more, know more...immediately, if not sooner! That is not an inherently a good or bad thing; it's just the reality we are observing and creating. What matters is how we choose to handle it.

When we buy into believing society's measure of our worth, we set ourselves up for diminishing self-esteem and a downward spiral of constant effort. Will it ever be enough? Are you happy? Are you satisfied with the way you live your life?

When we choose to manage our energy in a way that honors who we are and what we individually need to feel our best, then that acceptance allows peace and ease in. When we embody the energy or feeling of peace, it expands and life becomes easier.

Then, we are less affected by chaos because we are no longer energetically aligned with it. Meaning, we aren't feeling chaotic and overwhelmed, so we do not attract that energy to us anymore, and so we are able to be more clear-headed, focused, inspired, creative and yes...more productive. We can get more done in less time with less effort. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

When we develop the habit of wellness, allowance, and alignment, we are actually letting go of the pressure, guilt and resistance, so that we naturally become who we really are... The YOU that you are meant to be. Happy, healthy, confident, beautiful and an inspiration to others. Your high vibration radiates out like ripples on a pond and positively affects the world around you.

I want you to know that you aren't meant to contort yourself to fit into this frantic reality. You're best and most natural state of being is peace and ease. Find your way there and everything will be easier. You will be, do, have, and know all that you desire, without all the stress and effort.

TAKE ACTION TODAY:  Determine what you need to feel your best each day and begin everyday with that practice of aligning with your best self. It might be time alone, a workout, meditation, waking up slow, journaling, yoga... do what makes you FEEL peace and ease.

Be well,

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