The Missing Piece In The Endless Cycle Of Trying To Be Healthy:

There’s not much fun in the annoying cycle of trying to create healthy habits and then falling off the wagon again. (and again. and again.)

most of us tend to ignoreMost of us are so busy in our daily activities that we often neglect our health. We think about eating well most times, and sometimes we use natural remedies and fitness to maintain our body's shape and health, but it’s an on-and-off cycle for most us. This "taking care of your body" plan falls apart when we become overstressed. 

I have found this to be especially true with entrepreneurs and those who are driven to achieve success in one area of life – which often leads to dropping the ball in the other areas.

We try to maintain a habit of good health, but do we achieve our end goal? For many, the goal is to bring back the youthful body and spirit we tend to lose as we age. But despite working hard on health for months or even years, often people still say the results are not evident. Let’s dig into answering why that is, and what to do about it. 

The missing piece that most of us tend to ignore is that a healthy mind creates a healthy body. 

 The key to achieving the healthy body you want, is to emphasize and nurture a healthy, resilient state of mind. A healthy mind is constructive and productive, both personally and socially. 

If you are overstressed, it’s exceedingly difficult to be mindful. We tend to operate in fight, flight, or freeze mode when our stress levels are too high. We react, rather than respond to outside stimuli. We fail to observe or even notice the wisdom that our body, heart and mind is telling us.

Let’s look at how your mind influences your body’s health.

  1. Eating And The Triad: In order to maintain mindful eating, it is important to understand your brain’s relationship with food. The heart–brain–body triad has a major influence on your eating habits. All three elements of this triad should be in agreement before you decide to put food into your mouth. This doesn’t require any deep thinking or suggestions from a psychologist or nutritionist. Simply ask yourself two questions before you begin eating:
    1. Is it necessary to eat now or is it simply your wish?
    2. Is the meal that you are eating clean and healthy, or is it only appealing to your taste buds?
  2. Exercise With Heart: Eating well is not the end of healthy mind and body awareness. You should move your body with your heart in mind—it helps you in many different ways:
    1. Physiologically, your heart is a muscle that needs to be exercised like any other muscle in your body.
    2. It also helps your brain – breaking a sweat activates the release of endorphins like serotonin, which make you feel happier and more relaxed.  
    3. You need to keep your body moving to keep all your systems functioning at their best. Just as an unused machine becomes rusty and corroded, the same goes for our bodies’ many systems.

The intent of exercise is not just to make you sweaty and tired – ideally, you will find ways to enjoy it! You don’t have to go to the gym and lift heavy weights if that’s not fun for you.  You can get involved in sports, group classes, yoga, or find a fitness partner to walk, jog or cycle with. Find something fun, and remember it is important that you are not forcing yourself to over-do it; your body needs to rest too!

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Get in touch with your mind and your body—find an exercise you truly enjoy and begin exploring why you eat the things you eat.


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