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You have probably heard that stress is the number one cause of illness. Most people suffer from stress on a daily basis. 

When we are stressed, our bodies do not function optimally because it puts us in "fight or flight" mode, which causes elevated cortisol levels, overworked adrenals and shutting down of non-critical body functions.  Your cells stop receiving all the stuff needed for health and healing and focus on short-term emergency energy.  This worked great when we were neanderthals who ocassionally had to run from the sabre-tooth tiger, but today we often find ourselves living in this state most of the time. Our bodies can't tell if we are being threatened by imminent danger or by overwhelm from our busy lives.

I recently learned a quick way to destress that takes only 2 minutes and puts your brain in the Alpha state for 2-3 hours.  There are four distinct brain states that were discovered in th 1920s and 1930s. They are Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta.  Beta is the most fully alert state, where we live most of the day. It's great for concentration and cognition, taking exams, playing sports, analyzing and organizing.  It's also the state of stress.  Alpha brain waves are all about relaxation, visualization and creativity. You are still awake and functional, but creative energy flows better, awareness expands, and you feel more peaceful. It's a great state for problem solving, finding new ideas and healing (it's within the same resonant frequency as the earth's electromagnetic field - the Schuman Resonance). Briefly, Theta is about meditation, intuition and memory. Delta is detached awareness, healing and sleep.

So for many times throughout the day, it would serve us better to be in Alpha than Beta because we are reducing stress and still functioning in a highly creative and connected state.  In the 1950s, brain researchers discovered a simple way to achieve this state, which has been replicated and improved many times over the past decades. The method I share below was taught to me by Dr. Alex Loyd, author of "The Healing Code" and "The Master Key."

Before you start, get comfortable and relaxed and assess your stress level from 0-10 - with 10 being unbearable stress.

1. Without moving your head, roll your eyes down as far as comfortable (it shouldn't feel difficult, or even slightly painful) and hold it for 15 seconds.

2. Roll your eyes up as far as comfortable for 45 seconds.

3. Roll your eyes down for 15 seconds.

4. Roll your eyes up for 45 seconds.

Now re-assess your stress level from 0-10 and enjoy your more peaceful state, which should last for 2-3 hours.  Repeat as necessary, but if you get a headache you are doing it too much, so do it less frequently. 

This is also incredibly helpful to do prior to any healing session, massage, Yoga, meditation, sleep, etc.  Having reduced your stress, by relaxing your brainwaves to Alpha state will allow you to receive healing more easily and also to get into meditation or sleep more quickly. Let me know how you like this technique in the comments below.


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