Authentic Power - The Wisdom of Gary Zukav

learnI thought I'd share what I learned the other day from listening to the Gary Zukav webinar, called... "Authentic Power – How To Align Your Personality With Your Soul To Live An Awakened Life." 

I'd love to hear your thoughts....

The Four Keys [paraphrased]:

1. Develop your EMOTIONAL AWARENESS. You can’t develop spiritually if you aren’t aware of your emotions. Emotional awareness tells you when the loving and fearful parts of your personality are active. You will be able to recognize the fearful parts that create painful and destructive consequences if you follow them and the loving parts that will create healthy and constructive consequences if you follow them. 

2. From emotional awareness you then have the opportunity to choose your INTENTIONS consciously. Your deepest, root intentions are your creative power, whether fear-based or love-based. Be aware of what you are creating before you create it and make conscious, loving, fulfilling choices. And as you create authentic power, what benefits life, the earth, the people that you love (and that becomes everyone), also benefits you. Those are empowered choices.

3. Access the wisdom of your INTUITION to help you. You can experiment with it every time you aren't sure what to do, ask, "What is my intention? What is my motivation?" And you'll get support all the time.

4. Cultivate SPIRITUAL PARTNERSHIPS with friends, for the purpose of spiritual growth. You can start practicing by having them help you whenever you are saying things that could be out of fear and when you're saying things that are from love. Your spiritual partners can help you with that because they'll feel the emotion behind your statements even when it’s not clear to you. Spiritual partnerships support you in learning about yourself so that you can change yourself for the better. 

[Direct Quote]
“The message that we want to share with you right now is that it's not possible to grow spiritually in isolation. … In the past, it seemed that spiritual growth was something you did for yourself. It was like emotional maturation or psychological development or improvement as a person. Now, as you develop emotional awareness, responsible choice, awareness of your intuition and spiritual partnerships, it's all part of transforming the world because as you create authentic power, you become able to contribute differently to the world, to all of our social structures that are now disintegrating.

You begin to see there's a reason for that and it's a not a pathological reason; it's a profoundly positive phenomenon that we have entered, the dissolution of every structure into personal or social that is based upon the understanding of power and the ability to manipulate and to control, and the replacement of that with interpersonal and social structures that are based upon the intentions of the soul, harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life.

And your ability to participate in that cannot be separated from your growth as a spiritual person, from your flowering as a spiritual person. The world cannot flower without you. It doesn't matter how fine the course of your endeavors, how noble and righteous they are, whether it is the transformation of global politics or the saving of the environment. If you are not aware of your own intentions, if you are not authentically powerful, you contribute more to the world of the very thing that created these problems that you think you are solving. As you create authentic power, you become a genuinely free, effective and powerful activist.”


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