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Welcome! I'm Shannon Staples, Vitality Coach. I support women to maximize their vitality, health and happiness for the long term, without the struggle!

heart icon Are you sick of the struggle to improve your health and wellness?

heart icon Do you have trouble sticking to your goals?

heart icon Would you like to ENJOY the journey to wellness?

heart icon Are you ready to let go of the frustration, sadness, guilt and shame?

heart icon How would you like a plan based on ease and flow, tailored JUST FOR YOU?

 A common reason for failing to achieve or maintain your ideal level of wellness is because there is so much conflicting advice out there about what is healthy or unhealthy, that you second guess your inner wisdom and prevent yourself from sticking to anything long-term.

But you will do anything to beat back the frustration, sadness, guilt or shame, so you find yourself giving in to yet another unsustainable fad diet, forcing yourself to do another punishing bootcamp, or trying to adopt someone else's idea of a healthy lifestyle plan that really doesn't feel good to YOU.

In response to this dilemma, Health and Wellness Coaching is aimed at long term change; creating healthy habits and dropping unhealthy ones. A good coach doesn't prescribe their one-size-fits-all plan, but helps you create your own custom wellness plan and supports you to set and keep up with small goals around behavioural changes to improve your diet, exercise, stress reduction, sleep and more.

A better Wellness Coach will dive into your mental game too, helping you overcome challenges, adjust your mindset and boost motivation.  Even more beneficial is the Coach who also adds the emotional and spiritual aspects, recognizing that wellness is holistic. 

That's where I'd like to START with you, since my experience has shown me that all the other aspects of wellness happen without EFFORT when you get into alignment with your desired outcome FIRST.

Your level of wellness is determined 100% by your energetic vibration, which is determined by the average of your mindset, thoughts, beliefs and patterns you've developed over a lifetime. This vibration affects you at a cellular and energy level, and also affects your decisions, actions, habits and behaviours.  

This is a process I can guide you through. You will learn to align with your desires and choose actions and behaviours to improve your health from that inspired place.  You will let go of resistance, allowing your natural state of wellbeing to flow, instead of FORCING yourself to adopt new behaviours. Everything else is easier and more joyful when this alignment is in place first.

Just like anything you want to master, it takes time and practice, but very soon you will begin to feel better and more in-tune with your inner wisdom and your body. The more you practice, the quicker you will build the momentum of feeling satisfied, joyful, abundant and healthy. Finally, you can enjoy the journey to wellness!

Let's connect to see if we're a good fit for each other (alignment is everything)!  Click the button below to get a free discovery session and boost your vitality!

Be well,

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